Outdated button

On a whim, I added a button to my sidebar. I have no right to – I was too young to have participated in Freedom Summer or the Freedom Rides. But I hope that I would have stood beside them if I could have. I’ve written about these people and their fruit before. I keep thinking that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was a kind of movement that we don’t see today.

  • They were hopeful.
  • They were peaceful.
  • They sought to love their enemies.
  • They did not love their lives unto death.

We don’t see that in churches much today either.

Going to New Ulm

My mother just called me, tearfully.

She told me that this morning in St. Louis, Missouri, my grandmother passed away.

You can read about her life in my book Pathway: A Family History and view pictures of her at Elva Online.

She will rest in New Ulm, Texas, where Christoph Ashorn settled more than 150 years ago. She was his oldest living descendant. She always talked about getting back to Texas someday.

Life away from Elva

During the past couple of years, caring for my grandmother became my most important priority. Later, my fiance also fell in love with my grandmother, and we continued to care for her after we were married in September 2005.

But soon after our wedding, my grandmother’s family and friends began taking over responsibility for her. At the beginning of March 2006, we informed them that we would be moving to Texas, closer to my family.

After we told Grandma, she kept saying with a smile, “I’m going to miss y’all. Y’all have spoiled me.” Now that we are gone, the family has hired other caregivers to come to Grandma’s home, at least until she decides on permanent arrangements.

We still believe that love triumphs over hate, that mercy triumphs over judgement, and that truth endures forever.

On a more personal note…

Tuesday night I asked my best friend to marry me, and she said yes. She’s from southeast Illinois and works in international student ministry. My grandmother loves her too.

Just thought I should mention this. You don’t need to be as excited about it as I am.

Mr. Garrett Goes to Washington

Well, Daniel has just driven down the driveway on his way to his new job with the State Department. The first seven weeks of training will be the most intense, then he’ll spend some months in language study, depending on where he’s sent. He’s rented an apartment in Virginia, a short bike ride from the institute. He plans to visit us whenever he can. When he left, Grandma said, “Drive carefully and call us when you get settled.” She’s finishing her afternoon nap now.

We will all miss Daniel: his energy, his humor, his creativity. He says he’s confident I will continue to do a good job of caring for my grandmother.

Elvaisms #1

My grandmother’s first language is German, and she began speaking English when the world was very different than it is today. Here are some expressions she uses:

Well, I better hyphenate in my room and get out of your hair.

Hand me a bobbing pin, will you?

I think it’s good to be interesting in what’s happening in the world.

There you are, my little fuddy-duddle, my little cat.