What Would Jesus Listen To?

Not to miss any opportunity to squeeze Jesus Christ into the mold of American popular culture, let’s produce yet another intimate film of his life – and accompany each scene with a song from Christian radio. I’m sure we could make them all fit somehow.

Which scene in Jesus’s life would be enhanced by Christian hip hop? When was Jesus the most rebellious?

Which scene would be typified by gospel elevator music? When was Jesus the most passive?

Which scene should be accompanied by sweeping choral music? When was Jesus the most proud?

Okay, maybe this won’t work after all.

2 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Listen To?

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  2. Music will always change, some believe in the old traditional music, then there are some who would equal to going to a concert of any kind, also bear in mind maybe your grandparents objected to your music as well. Think About it.

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