Five signs of a cult

  1. A strong sense of group identity and community
  2. A belief that the group is somehow separate from the rest of society
  3. A strong sense of group destiny and purpose
  4. An unwavering adherence to the teachings of its founder, which may differ radically from the rest of society
  5. A total commitment to the goals of the movement which overrides personal goals and comfort

Are these signs true of your church?

If not, why not?

3 thoughts on “Five signs of a cult

  1. A 1997 article by Robert Sturgeon has another list of “cultic characteristics” that also echoes the Gospel of Jesus. I’ve now been set free from the part about strange clothes, though. My wife picks out my clothes for me. As for the rest… what do you think?

  2. Seems like each of those 5 “signs” are true of Christ and His followers. Were they a cult too? Seems so by your definitions.

    How can we follow Christ to the same commitmentment level as did His disciples, without being called a cult? Hmm.

  3. Let them call your cults, they’ll call you a lot worse whoever they are. Know your motives, what drives you, is it God?

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