Has the age of reality passed away?

Many people believe the age of miracles (etc.) has passed away. Others insist it’s still here. There is often little practical difference in the lives of these two groups. We all agree that some things haven’t passed away, such as faith, hope and love. But we read the non-miraculous parts of the Book of Acts, and we still aren’t experiencing the same faith, power, joy, love, unity and holiness – the same spiritual reality – that the early Christians did. If believers in miracles read the miraculous parts with an honest heart, we will likewise admit that we don’t see many miracles in our lives, and we have no good excuse for it.

2 thoughts on “Has the age of reality passed away?

  1. My good friend,
    You are living in the age of your spirtual infancy and that is why there are NO miracles to be experience even though Jesus said, “Greater things shall ye do.”
    You can find the full anwser in the book entitled, Interview With Jesus in the Hot Tub, that can be found on my web site: http://TheAgeOfReality.net The Book of Acts clearly testifies that Jesus did not die on the cross, but was taken by the women and nursed back to health. What followed that short time on the cross can also be found in what Jesus said in his interview.

  2. I’ve experienced miracles. I want to experience more – miracles in my character, miracles in my heart too. But don’t expect much if you don’t care what the Bible really says.