Judeo-Christian worldviewing

Social conservative political activists often appeal for support to the Judeo-Christian worldview. True, a Judeo-Christian worldview was commonly shared by past generations in Europe and the Americas. That’s why appealing to it can only go so far.

Yes, in past centuries, Christian values helped to limit slavery, child exploitation, infidelity and alcoholism. But others helped promote those same destructive trends while they believed in God, went to church, and opposed abortion.

A worldview provides points of unity for people from various religious backgrounds who share common traditions: the spiritual descendants of Abraham. But a worldview can’t save you from your sins. A worldview can’t give you power over your sins. A good worldview won’t turn Saul into Paul, or a hypocrite into a martyr.

It isn’t a worldview that allows the glory of God to overpower his people with righteousness and holiness. It’s not how we view the world that does that. Maybe, it’s how we don’t view the world. Maybe it’s when we stop viewing the world and begin to view God instead, that we can see the glory of God coming with power.

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