If God doesn’t exist, he should have told us before now.

Agnostics and others tell me that I need to be more open-minded about religion. Okay. Will this prayer help?

“O God, I praise you. Show me if you’re not there. Make your nonexistence real to me. Thank you, God. I love you.”

8 thoughts on “If God doesn’t exist, he should have told us before now.

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  2. Hi there..
    1- God does Exist.
    2- this prayer (( “O God, I praise you. Show me if you’re not there. Make your nonexistence real to me. Thank you, God. I love you.” ))
    NOT LOGIC.. it’s something like this … i’m here and at the same time i’m not ..!!!

  3. Sermed, if I understand you correctly, that was part of what I was trying to say, only more sarcastically. It’s hard to doubt the existence of someone you know and love, isn’t it? God is here, God does exist. You just didn’t catch my joke.

  4. God is true

    If a car is created by man he can not called a car because he is a creator of car.Like this God is created a life and death (for as human,animal,birds etc)
    He can not called a life and death I mean life and death do not belong to the God because he is creator of life and death. He is superior than life and death.

    If he is not a life than he is not created by some one else.nor his father nor his son he exist from ever.and will be exist for ever.. just like he is not death because he is a creator of death. so he will never to die.He will exist from ever
    and will be exist forever.

    Some people are believed that prophet Esa is born without father so he is a son of god this is not true. Because if we believe this truth than our mind will go to the prophet (first human male in this universe /father of mankind) Adam who is the father of Adam when our mind has decided to this logical proof that God is a father of Adam than how can we will bring his mother here we will must have to under stand that Adam and Esa are also created by God.

    God is everywhere but can not seen

    God is every where but no any body can see him it is true. For example
    Air is every where and no any body can see. is created by God if God can created such thing that cannot be seen and exist every where than how god may be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If my ideas are helipful to understand of god exentence so pls. send me reply to my mailing address
    [email protected]
    Thanks and god by
    God bless you

  5. Mmh! Now that’s what I call a prayer that cannot be answered!

    If God is not real then He cannot answer it!

    If God is real then answering it would reveal the reality of God and therefore not answer the prayer because the request was to show that [God] you are not real!

    Which reminds me of a joke

    What would happen if you were an insomiac, agnostic and dislexic?

    You would stay up all night wondering if there really is a dog!

  6. God isn’t real. She’s a figment of the fevered imaginations
    of those who need a metaphysical crutch. An atheist, on the
    other hand, is someone with no invisible means of support.

  7. If God doesn’t exist then our world came about without any cause or source, Everything just happened, the laws governing thethe universe developed without guidance and direction, life on earth is just a produst of randomness in a hostile universe and man is without spirit, death terminates existence.

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