1 thought on “Halting somewhere

  1. I’m not so sure the Church has ever halted. It, just like the individual, himself, is ever forced to take the next step with every tick of the clock. I’ve always seen that strait path of which Jesus spoke as Jesus, Himself. Truth, if you will. Black and white. It stretches from infinity unto eternity and we all are born into a relationship with it at some point in time, but off to one side or the other. In crossing its path and accepting its identity, we begin to attempt the walk. Only One, however, has ever managed to accomplish the journey without staggering back and forth, wandering into grace as we go. The important thing, of course, is our hunger to know His voice, for it keeps calling us back to the path; and I see the Church as but one of us. Made up of all of us, to be sure, but just as prone to human error as any of us. In the end, both scenarios will stand before His throne…………

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