You can’t believe what you don’t know

Certainly, you can believe what you don’t understand. But you can’t believe what you don’t know. You can’t believe what people tell you you should believe. You can’t make yourself believe by studying what you should believe. No one can pressure you to believe. No one can embarrass you into believing. You can’t conform or out-orthodox or out-fox yourself into believing.

You can’t make yourself believe at all. Faith requires revelation. Without revelation, you can’t really know anything. The book of Hebrews says faith is substance, it is evidence. It is not wishful or loyal thinking. You can only believe what you believe.

No evangelistic method can make somebody believe. No reasoning or apologetics can make someone believe. No technique. No strategy. No presentation, production or performance. Only the Spirit of God can bring someone to faith.

If you truly believe, at the risk of your life, that someone named Jesus of Nazareth resurrected himself from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God, that’s not logical. That’s not normal. That’s not obvious. That’s nothing but a miracle. And I’m not only talking about the resurrection.

2 thoughts on “You can’t believe what you don’t know

  1. I agree with you too. But you can choose to believe in Jesus Christ only because he helps you, because he is more than wishful thinking. You choose to believe in Jesus, but someone else might claim to choose to believe in Joseph Smith, or David Koresh, or Adolph Hitler. What is the difference? We had better make sure there is a difference.

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