Parousial Sanctification

Like practical universalism and proportional atonement, parousial sanctification is another doctrine I invented one night when I had nothing else to do. Well, actually I didn’t invent it. A lot of Christians seem to already be living in expectation of it. However, I have not yet found any Scriptural evidence for this doctrine. Parousial sanctification is the inward transformation of the soul that evidently occurs at the second coming of Jesus Christ (Gk. parousia), presumably during the Rapture.

For example, at the parousia, someone may be muttering, “I can’t stand that stupid pastor, and that long-winded worship leader, and those dumb church members…. Oh wait, is that the trumpet of the Lord I am hearing? Are my feet rising from the ground in accordance with best-selling religious fiction? Then suddenly I feel great love for my pastor and my fellow church members and I long to spend eternity in close relation with them as we worship our precious Lord together.”

It didn’t sound very convincing to me either.

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