Jesus had an eye color.

When at 14, I first heard the claim that Jesus was the son of God (somehow my previous church had missed this teaching), I remember that I was most offended by the specificity of the claim, not by anything else.

I reasoned, “There are five major world religions. What are the odds that I just happened to be born into the right one?”

Since then, I’ve decided a better question is, “If God loved the world so much, what are the odds that he wouldn’t give his only son?”

If God was born as a human being, he had to be born somewhere. And if he was born as a human being, he had to have a nationality and a native language.

As it happens, Jesus was born in an Asian country dominated by European soldiers and languages. He is the only founder of a major world religion to have lived in Africa. His faith, Christianity, is the faith of the translatable book, which makes it at home in every part of the world. He was born a baby boy, who are slightly more common than baby girls. So, if God had to choose where he would become a human being, he didn’t choose too badly.

Jesus had to have an eye color. He had to have a particular height and weight and complexion. And those specifics, any specifics, are bound to displease someone. Some people think taller men are more impressive, and some that shorter men are more approachable. And many people believe that lighter complexions are more attractive than darker complexions.

Anyway, Isaiah 53 spells it out: “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.”

The specifics of Jesus’ body didn’t impress people. But whenever you get specific, you’re bound to offend someone.

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  1. I visited a small chapel at Knott’s Berry Farm several years ago, where there was a tape recording describing Jesus’ features, based on the written observation of one of his contemporaries. He was 5’10” tall, 130 lbs, not a single line, or wrinkle on his face, had blue eyes and hair like not other (whatever that means).

  2. Jesus could not have had blue eyes. He had the typical “Arabian” or “Mediterranean” look. He was a JEW. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and probably like tanned or dark skinned. He’s only depicted to be white since most of the early pics of him were from the middle ages, when Jews were despised. As a result, an Aryan look. Geographically, he can not have blue eyes or blond hair.

  3. Some Arabs have blue eyes, but 5’10” would have been pretty tall. The physical descriptions of Jesus that I’ve read were medieval forgeries, not ancient manuscripts. We all want to make God into our own image.

  4. too right. But dont forget there might have been cross-breeding with arabs and europeans, so…jesus can have a european complexion

  5. -a good read is a book by James Michener, “The Source”. In this mainstream book you will read that folks in the Middle East have ‘always’ had many varied and surprizing physical features. Michener has been known for his meticulous research.

    brown eyes, blue eyes, drk.brown hair, not-so-brown hair, blonde, and also red-hair – short, tall, whatever. what you read may cause you to suspect that Jesus could have had a.n.y. appearance at all you could come up with


  6. Hello sons and daughters of the one true living God, please ask our heavenly Father to bless you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment. And please pray always that you shall be accounted worthy to escape the hour of temptation that shall come upon the whole world. And please pray always that you shall also be accounted worthy to stand in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

  7. Remember it was God’s seed not of man.Hair red tones with golden highlights.Yes his eyes are blue.Seek his face while it is still to be found and see for yourself.Hair color and eye color is not of great importance, When is the last time you had your audience of one with your Lord and Saviour.There is an urgency in the atmoshere to “Let it be known.Hasten now!” saith the Lord.We are created for purpose.Do you know yours? We have not, because we ask not.Purpose, it awaits you.May Christ in you be the magnitude (drawing power) in the atmoshere as you walk and talk with him .May they not see you, but may they see only him operating through you.Not seeking hair or eye color but seeking him first.Amen!

  8. Not here to argue whether Jesus had Blue eyes or Brown eyes, whether he was light skinned or dark skinned, whether he had an afro, straight hair or flowing curly locks. I am simply here to state a belief. If you BELIEVE in Christianity and that Jesus was truly the Son of God, there is NO WAY you could ever definitively prove his exact characteristics, short of having been alive thousands of years ago and witnessed him first hand. However, the thought that he can not be this or can not be that because of the region he was from holds little water. The article references that God was born a human and must have been born somewhere, with this I firmly disagree. God CREATED man, (human), and the animals and plants, etc., etc., etc. Yes, it does say, created in his own image but, that could mean several things and as far as what he looked like from the region he was from, Jesus was the product of not only his mother Mary, but also God himself. Since NO ONE, certainly in this day and age, has ever set eyes on the Lord, how can ANYONE pretend to know what characteristics he may have gotten from the father??

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