In the hard times, God gives oatmeal

A missionary became seriously ill one month before she was to return home for her furlough. On top of it all, the monthly check from her home church didn’t arrive, so she had no money for food or medicine. All she had in her apartment was a 50-pound sack of oatmeal. So for thirty days, that was all she ate.

And as she ate her oatmeal every day for a month, she cried out to God. “Lord, here I’ve been serving you faithfully on the mission field for years, and you said you would supply all my needs. Why have you allowed this to happen to me? Why didn’t you send me any money? Why didn’t you give me real food? Even the poorest people in this city eat meat and vegetables. Is this how you treat your servants?”

Thankfully, her check did arrive the next month, along with a plane ticket back to her home town. Her church arranged for her to see a doctor who was part of their congregation.

The doctor examined the missionary, did some tests, and finally told her, “Well, it looks like you’re going to make it. And I’m amazed, because if you’re at all typical, what you’ve probably been eating would normally kill you. Even the conventional medication has recently been proven to be dangerous. According to a journal article that was just published, the only safe treatment for this disease is a 30-day oatmeal diet.”

– Source unknown

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