I wish I were wrong.

Pro-abortionists like to taunt pro-lifers for being so sure of ourselves. But one of the most convincing things about our side, actually, is that we wish we were wrong. Yes, we too wish the responsibilities of parenthood could be painlessly wiped away with an simple operation. We wish we could escape the effects of sin by denying it. We wish researchers could prove that an aborted child feels no pain, experiences no loss. We wish those trash cans in the pictures really contained nothing more than what the abortionists claim: blobs of tissue. We wish our choices could never cost anyone his or her life.

Supporters of abortion, on the other hand, must not face the possibility that they might be wrong. Of course, if they don’t happen to accept the concept of absolute reality, they never need to be wrong! But even if they believe in the existence of truth, there’s a good reason they can’t admit it: they don’t know where to find forgiveness of sins, and if abortion was murder, they’d be accessories to the crime, many times over.

To avoid that unpleasant thought, pro-abortionists have been forced to seek comfort in myths and legends that could easily be disproved. On the other hand, Christians are also notorious for clinging to our own set of happy untruths that appeal to us.

Because of Jesus’ forgiveness, we never need to be afraid to admit we’re wrong. Two of my Sunday School teachers had murdered people in their former days on the street. Believe me, rarely were these guys tempted to base their self-worth on a perfect reputation! When we stake our lives on the truth, instead of “urban legends,” we find the truth is enough.

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  1. Abortion is not all about the baby. I believe that the mother’s emotional and physical well being is more important than the unborn child’s. Its not that I would promote it or ever have one myself, but I think it should remain a woman’s right.

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