God would never make you uncomfortable.

Today’s heresy is related to my theory of proportional discipleship, that no Christian’s devotion to God should be more than one standard deviation above society in general. Today’s heresy suggests that God is bound by a similar rule. He will never say anything or ask you to do anything that’s more than one standard deviation outside your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is sacred and God will never violate it.

But where do missionaries and martyrs come from, if God never calls us to be uncomfortable? Maybe missionaries and martyrs are different from you and me. Maybe they don’t mind serving God even when it costs them something. Maybe they’re in a different place than us.

Wait… that part about being in a different place… you don’t think that’s eternal or anything? I hope not.

1 thought on “God would never make you uncomfortable.

  1. well…seeing as proportional discipleship isn’t really God’s thing, I can’t see that our supreme comfort is either.
    But then again, if we are serving God, we may not be comfortable, but we are “at comfort”. After, he is the supreme one at giving us rest in the ways that we most need it. 🙂

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