Defenseless Christians

Anabaptist is a name invented by the enemies of the Anabaptists. One of the names they used for themselves was “defenseless Christians.”

One of my goals is to be a defenseless Christian. All of society and most of the church spends much of its time defending itself. When we’re attacked, that’s our natural response. But I want God to be my only defense.

Unfortunately, I spend much of my time defending myself as well. But, I mean, I probably have to. What if God doesn’t come through for me? When I really need him. he might turn out to be sick or busy. Or maybe not.

1 thought on “Defenseless Christians

  1. You can never find out unless you try it. I agree with what you say.

    Do you think we should lock our doors? The earliest anabaptists in Zollikon began the movement by tearing out the locks from their doors… That´s non-resistance!

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