Revival is normal

If we want revival, the first requirement is to admit that we need revival. That we need more than we have now. Watchman Nee called it the Normal Christian Life. Revival is when people who have been experiencing the average Christian life or the typical Christian life begin to experience the normal Christian life. Read the rest of this entry »

Can love be carried too far?

Consider this: if your fiancee loved you as much as you love God, would you break off the engagement? Soon God’s people will become his bride, though you don’t have to take part in that. Once the marriage takes place, if not before, his people will do nothing but worship him and praise him. Does that thought disturb you, of never ceasing to praise God? Do you have a hard time doing it now? Does the thought make heaven seem enslaving or boring? You don’t have to take part in that either. However, you may not like the alternative. There will be no alternative in heaven.

They are already too wise in themselves.

“They are already too wise in themselves, already helped, who so openly forsake Christ, in avarice which they style only industry, in pride which with them is only neatness, in adultery which they term only friendship.”

- Valerius Schoolmaster, Martyrs Mirror, p. 726-731

Intimacy and intimidation

“A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by men.”

– Leonard Ravenhill

Only now do I feel within me…

“…For him that commits himself to the Lord, and is possessed of love, nothing is difficult; had I not experienced this myself, it would be impossible for me to know that it is so easy… Only now do I feel within me the inexpressible grace and mercy of God, and His love, and how we therefore ought to love Him in return.”

- Claesken, Martyrs Mirror, p. 615

Do you think we run on uncertainties?

“Do you think we run on uncertainties? …We forsake our dear children, whom I would not forsake for the whole world, and we stake upon it all we have – should we run on uncertainties yet?”

- Claesken, Martyrs Mirror, p. 613

True prayer must be aflame.

“True prayer must be aflame.”

- E. M. Bounds

Spiritual neutrality

Another unstated but commonly believed heresy could be called spiritual neutrality. This doctrine says that the devil hates believers but rarely attacks them. Read the rest of this entry »