Is theology arrogance?

“Doing theology” often implies that we understand God better than the apostles or their disciples, and Jesus would really have benefited from a background in textual criticism. But has everything orthodox already been taught? Read the rest of this entry »

Do as you like.

“Love God, and do as you like, say the free spirits. Yes; but as long as you like anything contrary to God’s will, you do not love Him.”

Meister Eckhart

Parousial Sanctification

Like practical universalism and proportional atonement, parousial sanctification is another doctrine I invented one night when I had nothing else to do. Well, actually I didn’t invent it. A lot of Christians seem to already be living in expectation of it. However, I have not yet found any Scriptural evidence for this doctrine. Parousial sanctification is the inward transformation of the soul that evidently occurs at the second coming of Jesus Christ (Gk. parousia), presumably during the Rapture.
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The Lion of Judah is not tame.

[God] is not to be fenced in, under human control, like some domestic creature; he is the wildest being in existence.

– Wendell Berry, Christianity and The Survival of Creation

Adorn yourself with the fine linen of righteousness.

“Therefore my dear sister in the Lord, adorn yourself with the fine linen of righteousness, in honor of your Bridegroom until the days of tribulation shall be at an end.”

– George Kleemaecker, Martyrs Mirror, p. 966

Imaginative conversions

For years, I was involved with Christian theater. In fact, three of my acquaintances became Christians through evangelistic drama and films. Later, the first became a Marxist. The second became a Rotarian. The third murdered his wife.

Utmost importance

“God is of no importance unless He is of utmost importance.”

Abraham Joshua Heschel

God would never make you uncomfortable.

Today’s heresy is related to my theory of proportional discipleship, that no Christian’s devotion to God should be more than one standard deviation above society in general. Today’s heresy suggests that God is bound by a similar rule. He will never say anything or ask you to do anything that’s more than one standard deviation outside your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is sacred and God will never violate it. Read the rest of this entry »