I think I am, therefore I am


“So many people believe that they have the Holy Spirit because they are Christians, and Christians are, by definition, those who have the Holy Spirit. This is backwards; it cannot be! The gift of the Holy Spirit is the only proof that Scripture gives us that all his promises will be fulfilled. ‘The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.’ In some way then, the Holy Spirit must be experienced directly and not merely on the basis of some other party‚Äôs word.”

It’s true that, by definition, Christians have the Holy Spirit (or more accurately, the Holy Spirit has them). But it won’t work to argue circularly, to define the witness of the Holy Spirit as whatever we experience, and to define whatever we experience as the witness of the Holy Spirit. Or should I say, to limit the Holy Spirit to whatever I’ve experienced, and to define my experience as the limit of the Holy Spirit.

Your name is not written into the Bible. The Bible alone cannot assure you that you’re a Christian. The Bible says that assurance comes from the Holy Spirit.

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