Back to nature

Jolly Blogger makes several good points in his comments about Silent Spring, a book which helped to launch the environmental movement.

  • Believers should care more about the natural world than unbelievers do, because we know the one who made it
  • We should care about the natural world, not because it’s purer and superior to us, but because it’s fallen like us.

Outdated button

On a whim, I added a button to my sidebar. I have no right to – I was too young to have participated in Freedom Summer or the Freedom Rides. But I hope that I would have stood beside them if I could have. I’ve written about these people and their fruit before. I keep thinking that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee was a kind of movement that we don’t see today.

  • They were hopeful.
  • They were peaceful.
  • They sought to love their enemies.
  • They did not love their lives unto death.

We don’t see that in churches much today either.

Islam and Christianity

Many of them cling to presuppositions such as these:

  1. They believe that God approves of waging war to defend their beliefs.
  2. Though their faith has spread throughout the world, they believe that one culture is divinely inspired.
  3. They see God’s will as unalterably predestined.
  4. They oppose theological interpretations that disagree with the established commentaries.

And so do many Muslims.