Reflections on community

A member of my church is starting a house church in Tucson, Arizona. This summer he shared some reflections on community, based on five years among us.

* Church is something we are and something we do – Not something we attend.
* Regardless of the occasion, God is present and active whenever a few of us are together.
* Anything can be an idol.
* “Anything” includes money, power, status, and notoriety.
* “Anything” also includes safety, comfort, cleanliness, knowledge, talent, and good behavior.
* Using profanity is much less damaging than saying “You’re not worthy” or “I don’t care.”
* Weeping and saying “I’m sorry” to another adult is often both necessary and appropriate.
* Knowledge really does puff up.
* Everyone has issues – the most unfortunate among us just do a better job hiding them.
* God loves the abused and downtrodden… Our failure to do the same is sin.
* Having all the answers is not cool.
* The real heroes of the faith have no credentials.
* We can’t expect to do life together and never occasionally hurt each other in the process.
* All sin is sin against the body.
* If I don’t hurt when my brother hurts, something is clearly wrong.
* Pride can kill just about anything that is alive.
* There is a little racism in all of us.
* Real blessings often have nothing to do with health or wealth.
* True reconciliation under Christ is always the best outcome.
* Saying “I love you” on a regular basis is imperative.

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