Jesus the Spy

The other night, it occurred to me how much the Christmas story is a tale of international intrigue. A head of state meets with visitors from another country and tries to co-opt them into providing sensitive information about a suspected security threat. But the conspirators are warned and escape to an African nation. Continue reading “Jesus the Spy”

Five signs of a cult

  1. A strong sense of group identity and community
  2. A belief that the group is somehow separate from the rest of society
  3. A strong sense of group destiny and purpose
  4. An unwavering adherence to the teachings of its founder, which may differ radically from the rest of society
  5. A total commitment to the goals of the movement which overrides personal goals and comfort

Are these signs true of your church?

If not, why not?

The word of God is a sword, not a vibrator.

Like a sword, the word of God is only powerful when it’s applied to a specific point, or along a specific line. Like a scalpel, its purpose is not to stimulate you generally, but to heal you precisely. It has to cut away something.