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The Lion of Judah is not tame.

[God] is not to be fenced in, under human control, like some domestic creature; he is the wildest being in existence.

– Wendell Berry, Christianity and The Survival of Creation

Jesus the Spy

The other night, it occurred to me how much the Christmas story is a tale of international intrigue. A head of state meets with visitors from another country and tries to co-opt them into providing sensitive information about a suspected security threat. But the conspirators are warned and escape to an African nation. (more…)

Bad things don’t happen to good people

Unjust things often happen to good people. Inconvenient things constantly happen to good people. Unpleasant things frequently happen to good people. Tragic things sometimes happen to good people. But nothing happens to God’s people that God doesn’t allow and bless. (more…)

Non-theistic space

Another in the series of common yet undocumented heresies: let’s call this one “non-theistic space.” Astrophysicists theorize about alternate universes that we can’t touch. Non-theistic space contains the areas which God can’t control. (more…)

Why the U.S. has no more civil wars

When I read about other countries destroying their own infrastructure, I ask myself why the United States doesn’t do the same thing. Well, we did once, in the 1860’s. And since then, maybe we just haven’t had a domestic cause important enough to die for.

Or have we? (more…)

Five signs of a cult

  1. A strong sense of group identity and community
  2. A belief that the group is somehow separate from the rest of society
  3. A strong sense of group destiny and purpose
  4. An unwavering adherence to the teachings of its founder, which may differ radically from the rest of society
  5. A total commitment to the goals of the movement which overrides personal goals and comfort

Are these signs true of your church?

If not, why not?

The word of God is a sword, not a vibrator.

Like a sword, the word of God is only powerful when it’s applied to a specific point, or along a specific line. Like a scalpel, its purpose is not to stimulate you generally, but to heal you precisely. It has to cut away something.