Wanting to be noticed

I hadn’t been looking very carefully at the log files of homecomers.org, so I was unaware that my site was mentioned on the discussion boards of the New York Times and Beliefnet this year, as well as on Joe Kissell’s Interesting Thing of the Day. Probably it wasn’t my site that was so interesting — Joe was linking to the Anabaptist classic history Martyrs Mirror which I have been hosting for a couple of years.

As a new blogger, I’ve been submitting my site to the usual blog aggregators, directories, and search engines, such as Feedster and technorati. I have a problem with self-promotion, but I figure that if I have something to say, I shouldn’t make it too hard for people to find it and read it.

1 thought on “Wanting to be noticed

  1. Of course, when you self-promote, you also promote the rest of us that you have linked to your blog, so I encourage you, promote away 🙂

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