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Time and eternity

“He who has no vision of eternity will never get a true hold of time.”

– Thomas Carlyle

Social conservation

What is our motivation for trying to change our government and our society? Woodrow Wilson said he was fighting World War I to make the world safe for democracy. Many liberals want to make the world safe for perversion. Many conservatives merely want to make the world safe for themselves.

I can speak of what God has given me.

“I can speak of what God has given me; that I know.”

– Pieter Witese, Martyrs Mirror, p. 548-549

Let me introduce you to my deity.

Some people talk about God from personal experience. Others speak theoretically about God, as if they never expect to know for sure. The silliness of that approach becomes more obvious when you substitute your own name, or the name of your best friend, in place of God’s in these discussions. Do you “have faith” that your best friend is a Korean-American lawyer, or is your best friend really a Chinese-American lawyer? Philosophical beliefs about “your reality” won’t change the country his ancestors came from. (more…)

Real Christians don’t dance.

“So is this it? This is what it comes down to: real Christians don’t dance? Moses parted the water for this? Rahab tucked the spies away in her closet for this? Jael drove a tent peg into the head of Sisera for this? Jesus died and rose again, martyrs were sawn in two, and the Church has prevailed for almost two thousand years against the gates of hell so that Christians today can live out this ever important testimony to a waiting, watching world: real Christians don’t dance? ” (moreā€¦)

— John Fischer, Real Christians Don’t Dance

The midwife of mercy

“Prayer is the midwife of mercy, that helps to bring it forth.”

– Matthew Henry

Regard not the joy and pleasure of this world.

“Take heed to yourself, that you abound with this precious Spirit ; for of that with which one is filled He will bring forth. Regard not the joy and pleasure of this world…”

– Joris Wippe, Martyrs Mirror, p. 584-588

They are already too wise in themselves.

“They are already too wise in themselves, already helped, who so openly forsake Christ, in avarice which they style only industry, in pride which with them is only neatness, in adultery which they term only friendship.”

– Valerius Schoolmaster, Martyrs Mirror, p. 726-731