Wanting to be noticed

I hadn’t been looking very carefully at the log files of homecomers.org, so I was unaware that my site was mentioned on the discussion boards of the New York Times and Beliefnet this year, as well as on Joe Kissell’s Interesting Thing of the Day. Probably it wasn’t my site that was so interesting — Joe was linking to the Anabaptist classic history Martyrs Mirror which I have been hosting for a couple of years.

As a new blogger, I’ve been submitting my site to the usual blog aggregators, directories, and search engines, such as Feedster and technorati. I have a problem with self-promotion, but I figure that if I have something to say, I shouldn’t make it too hard for people to find it and read it.

Wake up and give heed.

“Wake up, and give heed; you certainly see it is not in human power what the Lord enables us to do, that we can leave our dear children, yea, joyfully resign our lives, for the honor of God.”

– Claesken, Martyrs Mirror p. 611-616

Worship Tricks

An English Christian leader named Jonny Baker has compiled one hundred of what he calls “worship tricks.” Many of them require multimedia resources. Others resemble sophisticated object lessons, such as those used in children’s church, only these are for adults: music videos, mystical poems, spiritual labyrinths. One of them involves a flame-throwing sermon illustration — for the feast of Pentecost of course.
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You have escaped from prison.

“For when we consider that the world is rather a prison, we can perceive that you have rather escaped from than been committed to prison.”

– Tertullian’s consolation to the martyrs AD 200 , Martyrs Mirror, p. 1139-1141

The Purpose-Driven Boomer

In Michael Spencer’s article, A Contrarian Manifesto for the Church Growth Debate, he says, “I don’t care about the Purpose-Driven Church, the Emergent Church, the Seeker Church, The Church-Growth Church or any other trendy moniker. I’m into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. If baby boomers want their own church, with everything done their way so they don’t have to share with the rest of Christianity, fine. Go have your play date. I’m hanging with the big dogs of Christian history and passing on the hot dogs of American evangelicalism.”

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How not to go to Helena, Montana

You can’t drive north by always driving south. It doesn’t matter how quickly or carefully you drive. You can’t drive both east and west. You can’t drive north by always driving west. The residents of Helena, Montana, would love to have you visit, but you won’t get there if you never take the road to Helena. If you sincerely want to visit Helena but drive 100 miles to the east of it, you won’t arrive where you want to go, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own. In the same way, God doesn’t want to lose you, but if you go everywhere but to him, you shouldn’t blame him for what eventually happens to you.

Feeding frenzy or feeding friends

James Ferrenberg, an Eastern Orthodox “sinner and extremist” who writes Paradosis, offers this personal story:

A couple of nights ago while praying over our meal, I flubbed the Lord’s Prayer:

“Give us this day our daily bread, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

It occurred to me later that I am going to starve.