The message of “The Matrix”

There are no limits, there are no rules, anything can happen – if you’re in the Matrix.

Of course, if you’re in the Matrix, nothing is really happening.

2 thoughts on “The message of “The Matrix”

  1. In the real world, even breakfast might be boring. (Unless Keanu Reeves fixed that in one of the sequels.) The message of “The Matrix” seems to be only that we can recognize the unreality of our existence, but we can’t become real. Is that good enough?

  2. The way i interpret it….those who are free from the Matrix are not bound by its “false rules”, even if those who are free are “living” in the Matrix.

    I compare it to Christians where we are not bound by the world’s laws, but set free through Christ. There is no real reason to let the world limit us, and keep us trapped. True freedom, though there may be suffering & inconvenience (i.e. eating mushy food), is better than the truly false & fleeting pleasures of a world where you are trapped by false law.

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