See against whom you fight.

“Be sober, therefore, and awake, and open the eyes of your understanding, and see against whom you fight, that it is not against man, but against God.”

— Hans van Overdam, Martyrs Mirror

Do you think we run on uncertainties?

“Do you think we run on uncertainties? …We forsake our dear children, whom I would not forsake for the whole world, and we stake upon it all we have – should we run on uncertainties yet?”

– Claesken, Martyrs Mirror, p. 613

They are already too wise in themselves.

“They are already too wise in themselves, already helped, who so openly forsake Christ, in avarice which they style only industry, in pride which with them is only neatness, in adultery which they term only friendship.”

– Valerius Schoolmaster, Martyrs Mirror, p. 726-731

Here I forsake all.

“Here I forsake wife and children, house and home, body and life, for the faith and the divine truth.”

– George Raeck, Martyrs Mirror, p. 646