Compensating for deafness

Most American Christian activity is compensation for not actually having an intimate relationship with God. When you can’t hear his voice at every moment, you have to develop a theology that doesn’t require it. When you don’t have the power to do God’s will, even if you happened to know what it was, you have to make some adjustments.

Pyramid evangelism

Sometimes, personal evangelism reminds me of dubious multi-level marketing schemes, where the appeal is the desire for wealth without effort, not appreciation and enjoyment of a quality product. “Well no, it hasn’t worked for me yet, but if you can recruit people to sell it for you, think of where you’ll be someday!”

If you need to be coaxed into sharing your faith in Christ, maybe your faith isn’t worth sharing. Get a living faith and then you can’t help but share it.

Our Pops, who art in heaven

Jesus thought of God as “Abba”; literally, “Daddy.” When the early Christians called God “Daddy,” it was an intimacy born out of gratitude and honor.

The infinite, awesome God is honored when his children love him without fear. But we want to love him without awe.

We don’t come to him as a small dependent child would. We come to him jauntily, careless of our need, careless of what he would give us if we would come to him as our Daddy.

When Isaiah saw God high and lifted up, did he pray casually, as we do? Could you pray casually, if you saw God?

What do you see?