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Christians poking fun at themselves

There is a fair amount of humor on the Web at the expense of conservative Christians, but Lark News is the funniest I’ve seen – funnier because it’s written by folks who know conservative Christians. And who love them, apparently.

I haven’t seen the latest edition, but some of my favorite fake headlines included:
Jack Chick buys popular comic strips
Man resigns job to listen to talk radio
Smells of Palestine enhance Christmas dramas

A flippant history of the charismatic movement

Originally, about one hundred years ago, some people wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, so they tarried and prayed and repented until they felt themselves immersed with the power of God, and spoke in tongues. (more…)

Having a map, not having arrived

My family heard about the gospel of salvation and the authority of the Bible around the same time. Like many evangelicals, we assumed that they always go together. Then I observed that people can be orthodox but lost. And I learned that in previous centuries of American history, almost everybody believed the Bible had authority and that Jesus was the Savior of the world. The Deists believed that too, but didn’t claim to have experienced personal conversion.

The perils of leading worship

A controversy during the Reformation was whether a priest could properly serve the Lord’s Supper if he was living in sin. (more…)

Confusing soul and spirit

One of the most transforming concepts for me is that people are body, soul and spirit, not just body and soul. The soul has been defined as the mind, emotion and will. The spirit is the part of us that related to the spiritual world. I don’t want to confuse emotion or intellect with the movement of the Spirit.

Do the powers of our soul compete with the spirit? Because they can compete, they do compete. If we have the skill to pretend to be spiritual or powerful when we’re not, we constantly have to refuse to do that.