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Right makes might

Might without right creates wrong. Vengeful allies after World War I helped create Hitler. An autocratic Hitler helped create the alliance that defeated him. Corrupt colonizers helped create corrupt post-colonial rulers, who helped create the opponents who toppled them. Avenging Muslim fundamentalists helped create an avenging America, whose policies helped to create more avenging Muslims. Retribution creates only retribution.

Abraham Lincoln said it: “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” He said it as an unannounced candidate for President under the banner of a party that had never won a presidency, before he had political might.

Fire without warmth

When holiness loses its sweetness, it is a fierce thing to come in contact with.

Frank Bartleman

Compassionate Christianity

Somehow we decided that we don’t need to be like Jesus if we’re right. Or that if we’re right, we’re like Jesus. Or that if we’re right, we don’t need to be righteous. We got confused.

Reflections on community

A member of my church is starting a house church in Tucson, Arizona. This summer he shared some reflections on community, based on five years among us.

Proportional atonement

Like the other doctrines I made up, which include parousial sanctification and practical universalism, the doctrine of proportional atonement is widely believed by Christians but not officially recognized by Christian theologians. (more…)

No apology needed.

The self-righteous never apologize.
Leonard Ravenhill